About the Journal

The University of Ottawa Science Undergraduate Research Journal (OSURJ) is an online, open-access, multidisciplinary, non-proprietary, bilingual academic journal that is published and reviewed by University of Ottawa students. In addition to a hardworking undergraduate executive and editorial team, OSURJ also collaborates with post-doctoral, PhD, and faculty reviewers as part of a permanent review board. The journal publishes digitally once per academic year on a rolling-publishing basis.

Introducing our first issue

VOl. 1 ISSUE 1

VOl. 1 ISSUE 1

OSURJ is excited to present our first inaugural issue created by the students of the University of Ottawa. Follow this link to gain a deeper understanding of many topics in science and engineering from your own peers’ reviews and original research


Formally endorsed and sponsored by the Faculty of Science, OSURJ publishes articles from all disciplines of science including mathematics and statistics, physics, biology, chemistry, immunology, earth sciences, environmental science, and integrative science. A multidisciplinary student-run initiative of this nature is meant to enrich the undergraduate science student experience and provide students with invaluable publishing and peer-review process experience to supplement the traditional science curriculum. As one of the few bilingual undergraduate journals in Canada, OSURJ accepts submissions in both English and French. OSURJ features original research, review articles and opinion pieces on recent research issues of interest, point-counterpoint, and interviews. The basic criteria for a manuscript to be published in OSURJ is that the results or analyses be novel and scientifically valid in a concise and easily-understood prose.


mission statement

OSURJ seeks to enhance the undergraduate science student experience by providing a medium in which to write, review, and publish academic research in a formal scholarly journal format. Through this initiative, OSURJ hopes to inspire undergraduate students to continue pursuing research in the field of science and prepare them for undergoing the publication process in the future.



  • To provide undergraduate students with publishing and manuscript submission experience with the academic publishing process as a final facet of their science research education.

  • To provide opportunities for students to employ and improve their scientific writing skills.

  • To encourage undergraduate students to become involved in scientific research.

  • To provide formal review for undergraduate work, and a medium for discourse and analysis of scientific literature among readers in diverse areas of study.

  • To improve uOttawa’s research profile by providing a publicly-accessible journal to showcase undergraduate research conducted during uOttawa undergraduate research opportunities such as UROP, NSERC-USRA, SIRI, URS, CIHR, fourth year theses and papers and meta-analyses from upper year science courses.

  • To provides opportunity for students to improve their research credentials for future employment and graduate studies.