What kind of articles can I submit to OSURJ?

We publish a wide range of article types related to research. Take a look under our “Article Types Accepted” tab for the full list.

I have some original data, but I’m not sure if it is publishable. What do I do?

We provide an easy consultation service for this exact situation! If you have some data but you are not sure if it is enough for or on par with a publication, contact our Editors-in-Chief, David and Tanya, at Let us know what you have so far and we will tell you if it is ready to publish, or the next steps to take to get it there.

When is the submission deadline?

We are currently accepting submissions up to a deadline in April, for the release of the journal in May.

The Publication Rights Agreement is a document that must be signed by all submitting authors upon submission of an article. It states that these authors consent for the publication of the content of the article, and that they retain all copyrights to any of their research and original data and may publish in other journals at the journal’s discretion. OSURJ acknowledges that all information submitted by the author(s) is their intellectual property and therefore any republication of such property is not allowed without written consent from all the submitting authors.

How does the publication rights agreement work?

OSURJ publishes online annually, and our 2017-2018 issue will be released in May 2018.

When will the OSURJ 2017-2018 issue be published?

OJS is a software used by OSURJ for all manuscript submissions and to track the subsequent reviewing process. To submit an article, you will need to make an account with our OJS system.

What is OJS and how does it work?

How can I join OSURJ?

Thank you for your interest in getting involved! Our hiring process occurs in the spring. Be sure to send us an email so that we may add you to our mailing list and send you application details when they become available.