Review and Submission Process


1. Author makes submission which includes a cover letter specifically outlining why their paper is important.

  • See submission guidelines for what documents need to be included in your submission.

2. Editors-in-chief determine whether the submission fits the scope of the journal and is novel. Article can be rejected without further review.

  • If accepted, the article will enter the review process.

Review process

3. The Managing editor assigns the article to the Section editor specializing in the relevant subdiscipline.

4. The Section editor then selects 2 reviewers to review the article: 1 Undergraduate Reviewer and 1 “Expert” Reviewer, including a senior graduate student, post-doctoral fellow or member of the faculty of science.

5. Reviewers send their reviews along with their opinion of accepting, conditional acceptance requiring major or minor revision, or rejecting the submitted article.

6. Section Editor will assess the reviews and, if necessary, send the revisions and comments to the author. 

7. Author revises and resubmits to Section editor who assesses whether reviewers comments have been addressed and makes the final decision of acceptance or rejection based on the reviewer’s advice.

  • Resubmission will include the revised manuscript, a redlined version of the revised manuscript to highlight the changes, as well as a response to the reviewers to describe the changes made by the author(s).

8. Following acceptance, manuscript is copyedited and typeset by Copyeditor 

9. Final proofreading done by Copyeditor

10. Final copy of manuscript in finalized format is sent to the author to view.

11. Article sent to layout and graphics editors to be formatted and incorporated into the current journal issue.

All the steps of the review would occur on the "Open Journal Systems" software that's used by many of these types of journals such as the University of Ottawa Journal of Medicine (UOJM).